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Groups Offered

Christian Counseling Centers of Oregon

  • Group size is a minimum of 5 people and maximum 15 people
  • Two different groups are offered: Anxiety/Stress and Depression/Grief
  • Group locations ‘to be determined’
  • Group leaders may vary, but initial contact will be with Rodney Robbins, MA LPC


The group format offered is called “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” or ACT. “When ACT works, it helps people get more in touch with their thinking and feelings as they are, not what they’re supposed to be. Instead of experiencing emotions as accidents or obstacles, group attendees learn to understand their meaning and use them to move forward. Attendees will learn what gives them more energy and purpose in life.” According to Founder, Steven C, Hayes, Ph.D.

ACT groups are an opportunity to learn how to live with the thoughts/feelings that have become a barrier to living the life you want to lead.

ACT approaches the challenges of anxiety and depression by learning how to skillfully live a life of meaning and purpose even when the targeted emotions get in the way.



CALL Rodney Robbins, MA LPC
503 636 4176


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